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Testing Options

APPA Credentialing Test Options

Following your full preparation and completion of the CEFP curriculum, the examination will be made available to you online through Kryterion, our internationally recognized online testing platform provider. The ease and convenience of the Kryterion platform provides you with a variety of options to test, either in the comfort of your own home or elsewhere: here are a variety of options when taking your exam. 

  • At a local Kryterion testing center staffed with professional proctors. There are testing centers in every state and province in Canada which makes this option extremely easy. Simply select a location and schedule your exam. On exam day, simply show up with your email exam confirmation and two forms of ID, simple four-point calculator, pen or pencil and you’ll be ready to go! The proctor will sign in and launch your exam for you!
  • On campus or at home, utilizing a remote online Kryterion proctor via internal or external webcam. This option is great is you like to test alone, with no one else in the room. You will need to take your enrollment photo, set your camera placement and test your computer to make sure it meets the hardware and software requirements. You may also need to install Chrome or Firefox to ensure your exam launches successfully.
  • On your campus or your place of work, ideally in a campus computer lab using a proctor of your choice*. No travel! No stress! You can select any person who is willing and able to sit in the same room and monitor you during the entire 4 hours you are allowed to take your exam. He or she must agree to perform specific tasks required by all APPA Proctors to ensure the exam is not compromised. The Proctor Requirements (download PDF below) can be shared with this person so they will know what is expected of them. Once Kelly Ostergrant has been notified of your proctor’s name and email address, they will receive information on how to launch your exam.

*When selecting your own proctor to use on your campus or place of work, you must contact Kelly Ostergrant at least 24 hours prior to your scheduled exam.