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Course Schedules

When you register for the Online Certification Course, you will choose a Cohort Group to join. Plan ahead and know when you will be on the Live Webinars and when you will take your exam! Below are the dates of the scheduled groups you can select from when registering for the program. You will only be allowed to select one group and you will not be able to change once your group begins.

PLEASE NOTE: When registering with a regional discount coupon, you are making a commitment (to your region) that you will take the exam at the conclusion of the course.

90 Day Course Schedule

APPA also offers the same Online Certification Course over an 8 week period for participants who either did not pass on their first attempt or have been through the course and never tested. You must contact Kelly Ostergrant to enroll in the 8 week course.

The Cohort Groups below will last for 8 weeks; 2 weeks per chapter/domain and include all of the CIL learning tools and 30 days to test. This course DOES NOT include LIVE WEBINARS, but you have access to all Archived Webinars for review.

8 Week Course Schedule