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Energy & Utilities

Lynne Finn, Dean
University of Iowa

The energy and utilities program is structured to give a comprehensive overview of all major utilities services for a school’s physical infrastructure. The topics are delivered in a combination of methods with some sessions more lecture style in content delivery and others are interactive group learning.  Major topics include risk management, the business of utilities as well as utility master planning.  Electric and steam production principles are introduced.  The fundamentals of heating and cooling as well as water management are included.  Throughout the core sessions, participants will be working on a utilities case study, applying concepts and learning from others.  The curriculum features a perspective of integration – how the work done in energy and utilities impacts other areas of facilities management through dependence and partnerships.  The elective program concentrates on the current topics of interest in various areas of utilities services.


300 Energy and Utilities Partnerships

301 Terms and Definitions

302 Data Integration

303 Business of Utilities

304 Energy Mangement

305 Water

306 Risk Management

307 Cooling Production

308 Cooling Distribution

309 Fuels

310 Heating Production

311 Heating Distribution

312 Electrical Production and Distribution

313 Utility Master Plannign

314 Case Study Work Sessions