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APPA Webinar – Creating a Data Driven Plan for Healthy Ventilation

The lessons of the COVID-19 pandemic serve as an example of why we need to measure, control, and communicate air quality. There will likely be other viruses down the road, not to mention the positive impact good IAQ has on productivity, critical thinking and general wellness. This webinar will explain how to first prioritize buildings across campus for IAQ (indoor air quality) improvements, and then demonstrate how to fund the project through operational and energy savings in certain critical spaces across campus.

Participants will also see real-life examples of using data provided though a ventilation optimization platform to continually measure, manage and communicate in all buildings across campus. This ensures that faculty and students feel confidently they are in a healthy building and facility managers know that chosen air quality improvement measures are working as intended.

Learning Objectives:
1. Understand how to prioritize buildings for IAQ improvement.
2. Using operational savings to help fund projects along with other procurement options for low or no capital outlay.
3. Understand the benefits of healthy ventilation and use of a platform for continually optimizing ventilation based on a variety of critical parameters.
4. Learn how to use IAQ data to ensure other healthy ventilation measures are working.

Dan Diehl, CEO of Aircuity