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FPI Report

The 2017-18 APPA Facilities Performance Indicators Report


Accessing the FPI Report:

The 2017-18 FPI Report is available to access or purchase

To access the current report (free to APPA members who ALSO participated in the survey)
or purchase your 2017-18 FPI report, please log in to your myAPPA account page and under the myAPPA Workspace/myResearch heading, you should click the link titled, “FPI Report Access”. A new page will then populate allowing you to obtain access to the 2017-18 FPI report. Please continue to follow the instructions for obtaining access to your report.
Did you forget or do you need to reset your APPA ID and/or password?
Do you need to set up your account with APPA? 

For additional assistance, contact APPA staff member Christina Hills

Pricing for the FPI Report:

APPA Institutional Member/Survey Participant Report: Free
APPA Institutional Member/Non-survey Participant Report: $500.00
APPA Institutional Non-member/Survey Participant Report: $895.00

Report Settings

Provides a way for you to establish your default report settings such as peer comparison institutions, peer comparison Executive Level Dashboards institutions, summary grouping categories such as Carnegie, APPA Region, Enrollment Range, etc., as well as trending and bar chart/graph options.

Detailed Data FPI Reports

Provides comprehensive customized reports for every area included in the FPI survey. This report is a great place to build your cohort peer group and view individual institutional data as well as overall averages and summary grouping averages. Each main report also has a drop down menu of sub reports as well as bar charts/graphs and definition information for every data point. Canadian institutions will be able to choose metric as a means of converting the entire data set in this report. Institutions selected in your Report Settings will automatically appear in this report but you also have the option to manually select or deselect institutions on the home page of this report.

Online Presentations Feature

Available only to current year survey participants, this report provides participants with a dynamic way to create online presentations using bar charts/graphs and/or data grids. Create and save multiple presentations for different audiences or export slides to the web, PowerPoint, or Word. Use this report to prepare a visual slide show that will allow you to help educate your audience on the capital asset realities of your campus as well as those of your selected peer institutions.

Executive Level Dashboard Feature

Provides Senior Business Officers and Senior Facilities Officers with quick and easy metrics that highlight the data sets most relevant for that target group. Data is presented in bar charts/graphs and can be sorted by several important summary grouping criteria including Carnegie, Auxiliary Service, Enrollment Range, and more.

Dashboard Dials Feature

Available only to current year survey participants, this report provides a unique dashboard dial for every performance indicator available in the FPI report. The dials provide you with an easy way to view your data for a specific value and provide several ways to compare your value to the entire data set or to summary groupings that you select.

These enhancements, on top of the potent report capabilities delivered in the current FPI Report, make it a flexible, sophisticated, and powerful tool for analyzing, planning, reporting, and managing your facilities operation. No other higher education professional organization provides such an essential instrument as a membership benefit.

View or download the 2017-18 FPI Summary Report

If you have any questions or comments about the FPI Report, please contact APPA staff member Christina Hills at