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Institute For Facilities Management

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Upcoming Offering:
September 8 – 12, 2019
Sheraton Music City Hotel
777 McGavock Pike
Nashville, TN 37214

Program Philosphy

Vision Statement:
A more integrated and collaborative profession in which individuals comprehend the greater whole of the facilities management profession, are positioned to provide greater value as team and individual contributors, and elevate the success and effectiveness of themselves and their colleagues.

Mission Statement:
Increase the effectiveness and success of individuals in the facilities management profession by developing their leadership, managerial and technical skills; elevating and broadening their understanding of the profession; and creating and nurturing productive professional networks.

Value Statement:
Learning and understanding is encouraged through peer-to-peer sharing and engagement. As we build a sense of community and professional collaboration is created and celebrated, the broadest sense of diversity and inclusiveness is recognized as critical to success. Volunteer service and contribution is incentive, recognized and rewarded providing a deeper connection to and within the professional association is nurtured.

Program Structure

The Institute is offered twice per year and runs Sunday through Thursday evening. The Institute curriculum is composed of four core areas covering general administration & management, maintenance & operations, energy & utilities, and planning, design & construction.

Institute students select one core area which will be the focus of their classes for that week.  Morning classes consist of required courses, centering on the core area selected.  Afternoon classes will be electives chosen by the student and may be a combination from any of the four core areas. 

Upon completing the week-long session, students will receive a certificate of completion designating their core area of study and 3.0 continuing education units (CEUs).

To receive maximum benefit, APPA recommends that students work towards graduation from the full Institute program by completing all four core areas.  In order to graduate, students must complete all of these areas.  Students are awarded a plaque recognizing their achievement upon successful completion of the program. 

Curriculum – Prior to selecting your core area review the course descriptions.

Course Materials and Handouts

The course content for the core classes will be available to you in two forms. Two weeks before the Institute, handouts will be available online for downloading on your computer or mobile device. Additionally, when you check-in at the conference, handouts for the core classes will be available in paper format to you.

The handouts for the elective classes will be available only on-line for downloading. You should download the elective handouts onto your computer or mobile device before arrival.


If you have any further questions regarding registration, please contact APPA’s Professional Development Department at

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