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Qualifying Activities

The CEFP credential must be maintained by earning a combination of 120 APPA Units from four (4) categories with minimum of 40 APPA Units being earned from the Educational category.

Continuing Education Unit (CEU), Continuing Professional Education (CPE), and college credit are other measurements of education that can be converted into APPA Units as follows:

  • .1 CEU = 1 hour of education, or 1 APPA Unit
  • One CPE = 50 minutes of education or .8 APPA Units; Six CPEs = 5 hours, or 5 APPA Unit
  • One college credit = 10 APPA Unit; a three-credit course is 30 points.

The four (4) categories from which you can earn APPA Units are as follows:


  • Full-time practicing Facility Management Professional
  • Part-time practicing Facility Management Professional
  • Serving as an instructor in a college/university Facility Management program
  • Full-time Facilities Management Consultant



Research and Publications 

  • Published article in any Facilities Management related magazine or journal
  • Complete a CFaR (Center for Facilities Research) project
  • Author a BOK (Body of Knowledge) chapter
  • Author/Co-Author a book (e-book or printed) for the APPA membership
  • Complete the FPI (Facilities Performance Indicators) survey on behalf of your institution
  • Complete APPA’s FMEP (Facilities Management Evaluation Program) on your campus.
  • Individual APPA Award Recipient