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Rex Dillow Award for Outstanding Article

The Rex Dillow Award is presented to the author or authors of the best article published in Facilities Manager magazine during the previous year. Recipients are selected by the Information and Research Committee.

Eligible articles are those written by a full-time employee, from any department, of an APPA member institution. In addition, articles written by APPA Members Emeritus who are not affiliated with a business partner firm may be eligible for award consideration. If an article has more than one listed author, all authors must be full-time employees of an APPA member institution or a Member Emeritus to be eligible for the award. Eligible institutions must be Institutional or Affiliate members at the time of publication.

Selection Guidelines

The Information and Communication Committee administers the Rex Dillow Award and assesses each of the eligible articles based on the following five categories:

  1. Content the degree to which the article adds to the body of knowledge of the facilities profession through new information, a new perspective on existing information or techniques, or case studies.
  2. Interest the degree to which the article addresses current topics or stimulates interest through its methods of expression.
  3. Readability the degree to which the article conforms to the style and format of the magazine, uses easily understood words and phrases, and provides a logical structure.
  4. Applicability the appeal and value of the article’s content to a broad range of educational facilities and other institutions.
  5. Ease of editing reflects the time and effort required by the magazine editor to prepare the submitted article for publication.

Each category is given equal weight in its contribution to the article’s overall rating.

Past Recipients

Josh Logan and Nancy Hostetler

Read Exploring the Benefits of a Strong Internship Program

Ryan M. Kmetz

Read Designing a Resilient Campus

Keith Woodward
Read Facilities and School Security

Eric Gregory
Read Commissioning and Emory’s Sustainable Performance Program

Richard L. McDermott 

Read Alright Already! Let’s Stop Answering the Wrong Question About Deferred Maintenance

Donald J. Guckert and Jeri Ripley King
Read Creating a Shared Context for Value-Based Collaboration & Decision Making

John Cannon

Read Exceeding Expectations

William A. Daigneau

Read Portfolio Based Management

Joe Whitefield

Read Deferred Capital Renewal as a Spoiler for Campus Programs

Frederic J. Gratto

Read Give Me Liberty or Give Me Brick 

Kate Van Sant and Patricia Stewart

Read Pandemic Preparation: Hoping for the Best, Preparing for the Worst 

William A. Daigneau

Read Megatrends and Myths: Facilities Management Practices in Higher Education

Roger E. Rowe

Read After-Action Reviews: A Process for Continuous Improvement 

Leonard Friesenhahn

Read The University of Texas Sewer Rehab: Using Trenchless Technologies

Richard W. Robben
Read Quality Measurement in a Facilities Management Environment

Donald J. Guckert and Jeri Ripley King
Read The High Cost of Building a Better University

Walter K. Simpson
Read A Facilities Manager’s Guide to Green Building Design

David Gonzales
Read It Takes a Revolution – A Case Study of Facilities Service Improvements at UCSB

William A. Daigneau
Read Charting the Future: A Research Agenda for APPA

John G. Dempsey and Gretchen Wesenberg
Read The Design Partner

William A. Daigneau
Read Product Based Management

Walter Simpson
Read Environmental Stewardship and the Green Campus

Ksenia Jaroshevish and William Merck
Read Pre-Design Planning

Walter Simpson
Read Recharging Campus Energy Conservation: ESCOs and Demand Side Management at SUNY Buffalo

Harvey H. Kaiser
Read Putting the Facilities Audit to Work

Mark Pastin
Read Power, Influence, and Survival in Difficult Times

James E. Christenson
Read Maintenance Management for the 1990s

Paul Banks and Carolyn Harris
Read The Library Environment and the Preservation of Library Materials

Teresa S. Hargett and Robert C. Osborn
Read Cornell Recycles: A Major University Commitment

William S. Mutch
Read The 1988 Olympic Winter Games: The University of Calgary Involvement

Harvey H. Kaiser
Read Capital Needs in Higher Education

Douglas K. Christensen
Read Integrating Capital Studies Within Physical Plant Operations