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Code Talker Articles

These articles are part of the Facilities Manager and written to educate readers on the article featured subject.

If you are interested in writing an article for Code Talker please contact Billie Zidek, Standards & Codes Administrator.

Mar/Apr 2019 – Scooting Around the Codes on Campus

Jan/Feb 2019 – The Development of ISO Standards for the Unique Needs of Facilities Management

Nov/Dec 2018 – 2018 Editions of Group A I-Codes: Ready for Release

Sept/Oct 2018 – What Has APPA Done For You Lately?

July/Aug 2018 – NFPA 3000 Standard: Addressing Active Shooter and Hostile Events

May/June 2018 – APPA Total Cost of Ownership – A Standard in the Making

Mar/Apr 2018 – APPA and ASHRAE – A Historic Collaboration

Jan/Feb 2018 – US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Chemical Facility Anti-Terrorism Standards (CFATS)

Nov/Dec 2017 – APPA 1100 Update – Facilities Terms and Definitions Work Group

Sept/Oct 2017 – The APPA TCO Standard – A Major Step in the Right Direction

July/Aug 2017 – Walking the Fine Line between Classroom Security and Egress: Within NFPA, the Debate Closes

May/June 2017 – The Inevitability of Flammable Refrigerants

Mar/Apr 2017 – The Good News About LOTO

Jan/Feb 2017 – APPA 1000 – Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) Work Group Report

Nov/Dec 2016 – Informatics Moving Forward

Sept/Oct 2016 – Development of International Standards for Facility Management

July/Aug 2016 (feature article) – The Total Cost of Ownership

June/July 2016 – APPA “I Codes” Work Group Responds to Proposed Changes to ICC Fire, Energy Conservation Codes

Jan/Feb 2016 – Fire Sprinkler System Standards: Are They Meeting Our Expectations?

Nov/Dec 2015 – ISO 18480 International Standards for Facilities Management

Sept/Oct 2015 – The APPA Standards Initiative – Creating ANSI Standards for Total Cost of Ownership

May/June 2015 – The Future of Gender-Neutral Restrooms

Mar/Apr 2015 – APPA Welcomes the American National Standards Institute (ANSI)

Nov/Dec 2014 – Seeing Eye-to-Eye on I-Codes

Sept/Oct 2014 – First Draft Report on NFPA 13 Released

July/Aug 2014 – APPA’s Codes Work Group Process Works! Group Evaluates Proposed Cleaning Standards

May/June 2014 – New Proposed Edition of NFPA 101 Released

Mar/Apr 2014 – The Growing Mandate for Green Buildings

Jan/Feb 2014 – Getting Involved with Standards and Codes

Nov/Dec 2013 – Price Discovery in Workplace Safety

Sept/Oct 2013 – Current Trends in Commercial Energy Codes

July/Aug 2013 – Reducing Water and Sewer Costs

May/June 2013 – APPA Codes Advocacy Impacts Campus Fire Officials

Mar/Apr 2013 – Disrupting the National Electrical Code