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Thought Leaders Series (Reports)

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2020 Thought Leaders report, Preparing for the Student of 2024

2019 Thought Leaders report, Innovation in an Age of Disruption

Thought Leaders 2018 Cover Page

2018 Thought Leaders report, The Landscape, Framework, and Strategies for Managing & Mitigating Risk

Thought Leaders 2017

2017 Thought Leaders report, Transforming Facilities to Achieve Student Success

2016 Thought Leaders symposium, Remaking the Facilities Organization.

2015 Thought Leaders symposium, Facilities & Technology: The Transformation of “Campus”

2014 Thought Leaders symposium, Leveraging Campus Facility Assets to Achieve Desired Institutional Outcomes

Sustainability Guide

APPA’s Sustainability Guide: The Educational Professional’s Practical Guide to Reducing the Campus Carbon Footprint