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User Testimonials

How Effective is the FPI?

“The FPI has always been an effective means for one to mark areas of needed attention and/or to identify those aspects that are going well by looking at one’s own data year to year and by comparing to benchmark institutions. Intoday’s difficult times the ability to make these comparisons is even more critical. This instrument can become the common vocabulary between facilities professionals and financial professionals that conveys the strength of the effort and the areas of need in an objective consistent fashion. At ValparaisoUniversity we use the FPI and other companion pieces to maintain a consistent quality form ofcommunication with our administration and our board of directors. At our institution, in these difficult times the FPI was acknowledged as documentation that reductions in the facilities area would have predictable outcomes, and as a result no operational reductions have been made to date.”

Fred Plant, Executive Director of Physical Plant, Valparaiso University

“The FPI provides us with the tools to gauge our facility’s operations comparatively to many differing groups. While observing these comparisons, the FPI also exhibits our trends from year to year, highlighting areas where we need improvement. But most importantly, incorporating the FPI into our daily informational tracking aids in our continual assessment ofoperations throughout the year.”

J.B. Messer, Director of Facilities Management, Oklahoma City Community College